"Violent Mei" issued a 24 - hour alert to flood control departments yesterday

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Yesterday, "violent Mei" raged across the province, Jiangsu meteorological authorities issued an orange rainstorm alert at 9:36 am. Nanjing also saw heavy rainfall from early yesterday morning, mainly in the main urban district, Pukou and Jiangning. In the afternoon, the rainfall in the city tended to stop, but monitoring showed that there were still precipitation cloud system activities in upstream areas. Nanjing Meteorological authorities continued to issue a yellow warning signal for heavy rain at 16:40 yesterday. It is expected that today, our city will be accompanied by obvious precipitation process, rain-heavy rain to torrential rain, local heavy rain, the temperature is still below 30℃.

Yesterday afternoon, the provincial flood and drought control headquarters office issued a water situation notice, from June 22 this year, the southern areas of Huaihe River in our province from south to north, slightly later than usual. Since the arrival of Mei, there have been three obvious rainfall processes in the whole province. Up to 12 o 'clock on July 5, the cumulative area rainfall along southern Jiangsu, between Jianghuai and Huaibei was 109.2 mm, 125.0 mm and 96.2 mm, respectively. In order to cope with the heavy rainfall during Meiyu period, the provincial flood prevention and control Bureau strengthened the flood situation consultation and forecast, adopted the measures of pre-lowering river and lake water level, timely opening the Sanhe sluice discharge, using Jiangdu and other stations to drain the waterlogging water in Lixia River area, and strengthening the drainage operation along the southern Jiangsu River estuary. Through the scientific operation, the water situation of major rivers and lakes in the province is generally stable at present.

According to the forecast of the meteorological department, the next three days south of Huaihe River in our province will still have heavy rainfall; It may be affected by the 8th typhoon Maria around July 10. The provincial Prevention and Control Bureau will continue to pay close attention to rain conditions, weather trends and typhoon trends in the province and related drainage areas, strengthen analysis and judgment, and scientifically dispatch water conservancy projects to ensure flood control safety.

Reporters from the city flood and drought control headquarters learned that as of 15 yesterday, Nanjing cumulative rainfall of 3.5-147 mm, the maximum point rainfall of 147 mm (Lishui Zhongshan Reservoir), which southeastern Liuhe, the central and eastern parts of the city, most of Jiangning and Lishui to achieve heavy rain, local areas to achieve heavy rain.

At 3 PM yesterday, lake levels in the city's major rivers were below the warning level, with the Yangtze River's Xiaguan Station at 6.09 meters. Qinhuai River Dongshan Station water level 7.60 meters; The water level of Xiaoqiao Station and Liuhe Station is 6.92 m and 6.67 m respectively. The water level of Shuibiqiao Station in Shuiyangjiang River is 8.00 meters, Gaochun Station in Gucheng Lake is 8.08 meters, and Sheshan Station in Shizhu Lake is 7.22 meters. The water level of Xuanwu Lake in the city is 9.76 meters and that of Xishuiguan is 6.07 meters. A total of 4 medium-sized reservoirs and 39 small reservoirs in the city were flooded.

In view of the rain, the flood control departments at all levels of the city earnestly did a good job of preventing heavy rainfall, strictly implemented the 24-hour on-duty and leadership shift system, and rationally distributed the water level of rivers, lakes and reservoirs through the gate stations in accordance with the plan requirements; Increase pumping station drainage, personnel on the road patrol, open the manhole cover to help drainage; Emergency measures were implemented in key points prone to flooding in accordance with the "case by case".

Reporters learned from the city, according to preliminary statistics, as of 11 a.m. 5, the city a total of 5648 people, all kinds of patrol vehicles 411, mobile pump 25 times into the flood prevention and relief work.

As of press time, the city did not occur danger, disaster, the main city did not appear obvious flooding phenomenon.

Weather forecast for the next three days: today, the city overcast showers or thunderstorms, rain rain to torrential rain, local heavy rain, temperature 25-28℃; Tomorrow, the city overcast showers or thunderstorms, temperature 24-30℃; The day after tomorrow, the city cloudy to overcast showers or thunderstorms, temperature 24-31℃.

Source: A3, Eastern Guardian, 6 July 2018