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SINOSO is a high-tech listed company specializing in intelligent agriculture, intelligent water technology research and development and equipment manufacturing, as well as the planning, design and construction of modern agricultural industrial park, garden complex, smart farm, unmanned farm, stock code: 872102.

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    National specialized special new small giant enterprise
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    Jiangsu gazelle Enterprise
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    Jiangsu agricultural science and technology enterprises
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    Jiangsu Agricultural Water-saving Irrigation Engineering Technology Research Center
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    Jiangsu Province enterprise intellectual property management standard unit
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Business block
Adhering to the development vision of becoming a leader in smart agriculture, it uses artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, Internet, blockchain and other information technologies to focus on high-standard farmland construction, modern agricultural industrial park construction, rural development strategy, agricultural industry project construction and other business segments to provide one-stop solutions for high-quality development of rural industry and regional economy. To fully serve the rural industry revitalization and rural revitalization strategy.
  • Agricultural Internet of Things solutions
    Agricultural Internet of Things solutions
  • Modern agricultural industrial Park
    Modern agricultural industrial Park
  • Sino-soviet intelligent agriculture cloud platform
    Sino-soviet intelligent agriculture cloud platform
Agricultural Internet of Things solutions
The highly integration of science and technology intelligent networking equipment with agriculture and the creation of a new smart agriculture scheme can realize the fine management and precise service within the...
Modern agricultural industrial Park

With advanced Internet of Things technology and automatic control equipment, modern agricultural industrial park collects industrial data and other relevant information in the park, quickly and accurately...

Sino-soviet intelligent agriculture cloud platform

Nanjing Zhongsu Intelligent Information Technology Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongsu Technology Co., LTD. (Stock code :872102), is located in Jiangning High-tech Zone, Nanjing. The company has...

Product center
Zhongsu Technology consists of four core departments: Intelligent agriculture Division, intelligent equipment Division, intelligent agricultural machinery Division and water conservancy and hydropower division, which are uniformly responsible for the market and service work of all products and technologies of Zhongsu Technology and its holding company...
  • Intelligent equipment
  • agricultural machinery
  • Water conservancy and hydropower