Intelligent irrigation

system solution

Intelligent irrigation system is an irrigation system which integrates automatic control technology, sensor technology, communication technology, computer technology and irrigation technology. The system is mainly designed for daily irrigation and management in fields such as farmland, garden and facility agriculture, and achieves the purpose of reducing labor cost, improving automatic production efficiency and saving water resources through modern scientific and technological means. Intelligent irrigation system can improve the level of irrigation management and change the randomness of human operation. Meanwhile, intelligent irrigation can reduce irrigation labor, reduce management costs and significantly improve benefits. Therefore, to promote the implementation of intelligent irrigation, change the widespread extensive irrigation method and improve the utilization rate of irrigation water are the first necessary measures to effectively solve the problem of water saving in irrigation.
System architecture
System function
  • 01
    Data acquisition function
    Environmental parameters such as field water level, irrigation flow, air temperature, humidity, soil temperature and humidity can be collected and processed.
  • 02
    Video surveillance function
    The pump station, crop growth, pipeline, valve and surrounding environment can be monitored in real time.
  • 03
    Linkage irrigation control function

    With automatic irrigation, manual irrigation and other modes, users can flexibly choose irrigation mode according to needs.

    Automatic control function: The system can set open and close conditions for the pump valve. When the irrigation humidity reaches the set humidity value, the pump valve will automatically close and stop irrigation.

    Manual control function: The system can manually start or stop irrigation through PC management background and mobile APP terminal.

  • 04
    Alarm function
    When the environmental data in the irrigation area is greater than the threshold set by the system, the system will send an alarm and push it to the management background of the PC and the APP terminal of the mobile phone to inform the manager to deal with the event in time.
System characteristics
Easy to operate
The system has high reliability and easy operation.
All-chinese interface
Software and hardware all Chinese interface, easy to learn and master the operation process more easily.
Multiple irrigation system
Suitable for various irrigation methods (drip irrigation, spray irrigation, micro irrigation, ground irrigation, etc.).
Strong dilatability
The system is scalable and flexible, and can be divided into regions, multi-channel centralized or decentralized intelligent control. It is suitable for small area, simple irrigation control, but also suitable for large area, complex irrigation network control.
Multi-control mode
According to the needs of the system can be realized in the central control room control, mobile phone APP control and other ways of control.