SINOSO | The national standard "Environmental Resistance Test of Agricultural Engineering Electrical and Electronic Equipment" to be participated by SINOSO will be released soon

Release time:2023-07-07 Views:168

Recently, the "Environmental Resistance Test of Agricultural Engineering Electrical and electronic Equipment", which was revised by Zhongsu Technology Co., Ltd. is about to be released, fully demonstrating the technical strength and industry leader position of Zhongsu Technology as a leading enterprise in agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing.

The national standard "Environmental Resistance Test of Agricultural Engineering Electrical and electronic Equipment", which was revised by Sino-Soviet Science and Technology, is centralized by TC201 (National Technical Committee for Standardization of Agricultural Machinery), and the competent department is China Machinery Industry Federation.

The national standard "Environmental Resistance Test of Electrical and electronic Equipment for Agricultural Engineering" provides design requirements and design guidelines for various mobile (including handheld) electrical and electronic equipment for agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, and landscape and garden machinery. A wide variety of mobile (including handheld) agricultural machinery in China, including combine harvesters, orchard plant protection machines, rice transplanter, planter, etc., are widely used in all aspects of farmland farming and harvesting, and the development of mobile agricultural machinery has made great contributions to the quality and efficiency of rural agricultural development. The design requirements and design guidelines of electrical and electronic equipment are crucial, and the revision and release of the "environmental resistance test of agricultural engineering Electrical and electronic equipment" provides a basis for guiding and standardizing the design of mobile agricultural machinery, which is conducive to improving the safety technical performance of products and promoting the technical level of mobile agricultural machinery in China.

Over the years, Sino-Soviet Science and Technology attaches great importance to the revision of standards, and has participated in the formulation of the group standard of China Irrigation District Association "Technical Specification for Integrated Intelligent Pump Station", the local standard of Jiangsu Province "Technical Specification for the application of Integrated Intelligent Pump Station" and "Technical Specification for Farmland pipeline water irrigation Engineering".

In the revision process, we always uphold the principles of science, objectivity and justice to ensure that every detail of the revision has been rigorously demonstrated and fully considered.

Sino-soviet Science and technology station in the forefront of national standards, professional R & D team and technical personnel continue to learn advanced experience, integrate into the elements of international standards, enhance the international level of standards, make it more competitive and authoritative.

In the future, Zhongsu Technology will continue to pay attention to the dynamics of industry development and technological innovation, and actively participate in the formulation and revision of relevant standards. At the same time of intensive cultivation in the field of standards, through strong scientific and technological innovation strength to provide safer, more reliable, more advanced products and solutions, leading the industry to flourish, and making greater contributions to the high-quality development of agricultural machinery in China.