SINOSO Science and Technology in Agricultural Expo: promote agricultural science and technology innovation and digital transformation

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China City Net Beijing April 25, (reporter Fang Ziwei) April 20 to 22, the 12th China International Modern Agriculture Expo (hereinafter referred to as Agricultural Expo) in Beijing, China International Exhibition Center (Chaoyang Hall) held. The theme of the Agricultural Expo is "Agricultural modernization driven by scientific and technological innovation", which attracted 536 enterprises represented by SINOSO Technology, DJI Innovation, Maimaiqu Farming Technology, Tianzheng Hi-Tech, Green Cloud Information, etc.

This agricultural Expo shows cutting-edge technologies and innovative achievements in seed industry technology development, unmanned farms, high-standard farmland construction, water-saving irrigation and water-fertilizer integration, intelligent plant factory and plant fill light, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, agricultural supply chain management, quality and safety traceability and other fields.

The audience looks at the modern agriculture and water iot intelligent series products of SINOSO Technology. Photo by Sun Siyang

Entering the agricultural Expo, the reporter saw the booth of SINOSO Technology with the background of science and technology blue and agricultural green, displaying the 3D modeling demonstration diagram of unmanned farm, high standard farmland construction, modern agricultural industrial park solutions, Internet of Things operation video, SINOSO technology series modern agriculture and water iot intelligent equipment, intelligent agricultural machinery and other advanced technologies, attracting a large number of visitors and exhibitors.

"At present, based on the Internet of Things, we build an accurate, efficient and intelligent application mode through the construction of infrastructure systems, operating equipment systems, sensor monitoring systems and management and control cloud platform systems, and provide perfect solutions for the construction of unmanned farms, modern agricultural industrial parks and high-standard farmland." Introduced by Xu Yinzhong, general manager of Nanjing SINOSO Wisdom Information Technology Co., LTD., a subsidiary of SINOSO Technology Co., LTD.

Explain the new product orchard intelligent plant protection machine. Photo by Sun Siyang

"The report of the Party's 20th National Congress proposed to 'consolidate the foundation of food security in all aspects' and' strengthen support for agricultural science and technology and equipment '. Grain stable yield increase, the fundamental way out in science and technology. To promote agricultural technological innovation and digital transformation, to drive agricultural and rural modernization led by information technology, and to make greater contribution to China's agricultural modernization is an important goal at this stage." SINOSO Technology Co., LTD. Assistant president Li Li said.

The staff explained the modern agricultural industrial park and unmanned farm. Photo by Sun Siyang

It is reported that this agricultural Expo will hold a number of meetings and activities at the same time, such as 2023 China Smart Agriculture Development Conference. A total of 43 well-known experts in various fields of government, industry, university and research were invited to explore the effective path to achieve high-quality development of agriculture and rural areas around smart agriculture, beautiful countryside, urban agriculture and other popular fields, and seek a better future of modern agriculture.