SINOSO WFI intelligent water and fertilizer integration device
SINOSO WFI intelligent water and fertilizer integrated device adopts intelligent control, with EC/PH value collection and display function, which can automatically adjust EC/PH value through flow control valves installed on each fertilizer suction channel. Irrigation time, irrigation method and fertilizer ratio can be set according to different growing periods of crops, so as to achieve precise irrigation with regular and quantitative time and scientific fertilization. WFI intelligent integrated water and fertilizer machine supports up to 10 fertilizer absorption channels, which can be used for orchard irrigation, soilless cultivation, hydroponics, greenhouse planting and other fields.
Product characteristics
Strong material
Aluminum alloy frame structure, strong and durable. Adopt high pressure, corrosion resistant water pipeline, joint adopts quick joint, easy to install and disassemble
Intelligent acquisition
Full intelligence, simple control, high intelligence, EC/PH value collection function
Remote control
Support wireless communication, users can realize remote irrigation management and operation through mobile phone APP
Automatic regulation
The fertilizer ratio can be adjusted automatically, and the flow rate can be adjusted automatically according to the actual demand
Multiple suction channels
Supports a maximum of 10 fertilizer absorption channels to meet all irrigation requirements of integrated water and fertilizer
Linkage function
Support linkage function of wheel irrigation outlet valve (IEM integrated intelligent electric valve is required)
Automatic stirring
With automatic fertilizer mixing function
Technical parameter
  • Host parameter
  • Suction channel
  • Material
  • Other
Host parameter
Power supply
Three-phase 380VAC/±10%

Operating ambient temperature

Man-machine interface
7 "touch screen


EC value :2-20000μs/cm/±1%F·S

PH :0-14PH/±0.05PH

Suction channel
Number of channels
Channels 1-10 (Optional)

Interface size

Absorption of fertilizer

Aluminium alloy profile

Pipe material

Control mode
Local touch screen mobile terminal APP, PC

Fertilizer injection pressure

Communication mode

Field application display
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