SINOSO IEV intelligent electric Valve
The SINOSO IEV Intelligent Electric Valve is designed based on a high-performance low-power microprocessor scheme, capable of automatic sleep and remote wake up, with a built-in power supply and solar charging system. Support LoRa/GPRS/NB-lOT and other wireless communication mode, can realize remote control, centralized control and automatic control of the valve. The mechanical and electrical integration structure, with complete functions, reliable performance, advanced control system, easy maintenance and other characteristics, widely used in agricultural irrigation, urban greening, municipal water supply and environmental protection and other industries.
Product characteristics
Protection level IP67
Integrated electric control system and transmission device, alloy material fully sealed design, protection level IP67
Timing switch
Built-in microprocessor and Angle sensor, can realize timing switch valve and opening adjustment and other functions
Touch screen control
LCD liquid crystal display and touch button control, real-time display valve opening, battery power and other status information, support on-site manual control
Wireless communication
Support LoRa/GPRS/NB-loT and other wireless communication mode, can realize the remote control of cloud platform and mobile APP
Fault alarm
With overload protection, limit protection and other forms of protection, with fault diagnosis and alarm information wireless upload function
Super long endurance
Ultra-low standby power consumption, support air wake up, built-in large capacity lithium battery and solar recharge system, battery life is not less than 3 years
Technical parameter
  • Basic parameter
  • Applicable environment
  • material
  • Other
Basic parameter
Nominal pressure
PN10/ PN16

It is also known as Tongsutra

Connection form
Pair type

Structural form
Vertical plate

Range of regulation
0~90° Resolution 1°

Applicable environment
Applicable medium
Water and oil

Applicable temperature

Actuator housing
Aluminium alloy

Valve body
Cast iron/stainless steel

Valve plate
Cast iron/stainless steel

Valve seat
Soft seal

Communication mode
LoRa/NB-loT Optional

Power supply mode
Built-in lithium battery and solar charging system

Protection class

Selection specification
Field application display
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