SINOSO MPIS integrated intelligent pump station
SINOSO MPIS integrated intelligent pump station is an intelligent integrated irrigation and drainage equipment developed by SINOSO Technology Co., Ltd. based on the Internet of Things technology. It changes the concept of the traditional irrigation and drainage pump station. Modern electrical control, process automation measurement and control, flow metering, intelligent electrical protection, infrared security monitoring, video process monitoring, water conservancy and Internet of things and other technologies are integrated with the pump set, making it a mobile, integrated intelligent irrigation and drainage equipment. SINOSO MPIS integrated intelligent pump station adopts integrated structure, compact structure and small volume. The design is a pavilion structure, using new environmental protection materials, currently there are three specifications (2.1X2.1, 2.1X 4.2, 2.7X2.7), covering an area of no more than 10 m².
Product characteristics
Specification and size
Pump room specifications :2.1*2.1m; 2.7 * 2.7 m; 2.1 * 4.2 m; Using WPC environmental protection materials
Built-in vacuum system
Pipe and vacuum system - pipe welded carbon steel material, wall thickness >3mm. Including vacuum system, electric butterfly valve, vacuum sensor and electrode type liquid detection switch
Video surveillance

Infrared security system video surveillance system, infrared body detector sensitivity can be adjusted, infrared detection Angle >110°, detection thickness >5°. The detection distance of the infrared detector is more than 3 meters, and it takes pictures in linkage with the video camera. Two detectors are installed in total, one before and one after each, to ensure that there is no dead Angle around the pump station;

The cameras are explosion-proof cameras with an explosion-proof rating of more than IK10. The number of cameras is 3, one at front and rear and one in the pump room. Support anti-theft photography function;

Remote control
Intelligent electrical system automatic control system, real-time measurement of the pump main circuit of the electric parameters and a variety of non-electric parameters in the pump station; Protect all equipment of the pump station, can remotely control the real-time operation of the pump station
Built-in software
Software: Operation software of pump station, name of built-in operation software of pump station; Sino-soviet MPIS integrated intelligent pump station system operating software V3.0
Industry standard

Local Standard -- Jiangsu Provincial Local Standard (DB32/T3390-2018)

Industry Standard - China Irrigation District Association Standard (TCIDA 0001-2018)

Selection specification
Field application display
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