SINOSO MPIS Integrated Intelligent Pump Station (Cloud Head)
SINOSO MPIS Integrated Intelligent Pump Station (Yunshou) is the first integrated irrigation equipment developed and produced by Zhongsu Technology Co., LTD. The equipment can realize the tasks of constant pressure water supply, water and fertilizer (medicine) ratio, multistage filtration, electrical protection, hydropower metering and remote control of water-saving irrigation system. The equipment changes the traditional irrigation construction mode, adopts the way of factory prefabrication and on-site overall installation, and saves construction cost.
Product characteristics
Data analysis
Use big data and artificial intelligence analysis technology to optimize irrigation schemes and improve water resource utilization efficiency. Provide scientific advice on irrigation and fertilization to promote healthy crop growth.
Remote control
Users can remotely view and control the operating status of the system through mobile phones, computers and other devices. The cloud platform provides real-time data and history for easy management and decision making.
Energy saving and environmental protection
Reduce water waste and fertilizer overuse, and reduce the environmental impact of agricultural production. Through precise control, water saving, fertilizer saving and energy saving are achieved.
Built-in software
Pump station built-in running software, software name: Sino-Soviet MPIS integrated intelligent pumping station system running software V3.0
Filtration system
Filter impurities in the water, protect irrigation equipment, and ensure the normal operation of the system. The liquid or soluble solid fertilizer is evenly mixed into the irrigation water for precise fertilization.
Intelligent control
Integrated intelligent controller, sensor, video monitoring module and communication module, remote monitoring and management through the cloud platform.
Technical parameter
  • Basic parameter
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Use environment
  • Fertilizer channel
  • other
Basic parameter

power supply                                 Three-phase 4-wire AC380V

power range                                      7.5-45kw

Inlet and outlet aperture                           4inches、6inches

Measurement accuracy

Accuracy of water measurement                          Level 2

Accuracy of electrical measurement                        Level 0.5

Use environment

Temperature range                              2℃-55℃

Humidity range                    Relative humidity 90% no condensation

Fertilizer channel

Number of channels                                    Route 1

Nutrient uptake                                         >20L/min


IC card technology                      Reading distance 2cm Reading time 2s

Lightning protection measure              Surge protection signal for lightning protection

Cabinet material                    Galvanized steel or stainless steel sheet metal

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