SINOSO ITEV integrated intelligent three-way electric valve
SINOSO ITEV integrated intelligent three-way electric valve is a new type of multi-functional intelligent irrigation control valve with integrated flow measurement and pressure measurement functions, which can be used for irrigation water control and metering. Based on the ultra-low power consumption design, a combination of lithium batteries and solar energy supplies the system without the need for an external power supply. Using LoRa wireless communication mode, remote control can be achieved through mobile phone APP/ cloud platform,LCD LCD display and touch button can achieve local parameter setting, status viewing and on-off valve control. SINOSO ITEV integrated intelligent three-way electric valve body has small volume, strong function and reliable performance, and is widely used in a variety of efficient water-saving irrigation systems, intelligent agricultural planting systems, pipeline control systems, etc.
Technical parameter
  • Key technical parameters
Key technical parameters

Measured variable                 Velocity of flow         Liquid level

Measuring range                     0.1~2m/s           0.2~12m

accuracy                              土0.01m/s             士0.01m

Resolution                           0.02m/s              0.002m

Measurement frequency               24GHz                 60GHz

Measurement technique                              Millimeter wave radar

Response time                                     5s~60s

Class of protection                                     IP65

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