SINOSO MPIS Integrated Intelligent Pump Station (machine-well type)
SINOSO MPIS integrated Intelligent Pump Station (mechanized well type) is an integrated equipment for effective control and management of groundwater mechanized well irrigation, improving the utilization efficiency and benefit of water resources, and realizing the automatic management of farmland irrigation. The product is an intelligent product based on the Internet of Things technology. It integrates the functions of irrigation card water intake, well control and variable frequency constant pressure water supply, remote control, anti-theft alarm, equipment self-check and remote fault diagnosis. It has the advantages of automatic electricity and water metering, local control of water intake, remote centralized management, etc. It provides powerful technical support for the comprehensive construction of water-saving society, the realization of sustainable utilization of water resources, the protection of ecological environment and water supply security.
Product characteristics
Integrated structure
Adopt integrated structure, compact structure, small volume; Using new environmental protection materials, all parts are designed as standard parts, factory processing site assembly
Convenient construction
The equipment covers a small area, the pump station construction cost and construction difficulty is low, the construction period is short
Tap your card to get water

Intelligent equipment such as energy metering meter, flowmeter and IC card consumption system are integrated inside the system. Users can brush IC card to start pumping water in MPIS integrated intelligent pump station (machine well type)

Constant pressure water supply
Built-in deep well pump control loop, inverter control pump operation, to achieve constant pressure water supply
Monitoring management
It supports remote monitoring by mobile terminal APP and can remotely control, schedule and manage devices in all management areas in real time
Real-time monitoring
The video remote monitoring function can be co-opted to provide one network video monitoring probe to monitor the scene of the pump room in real time
Technical parameter
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Use environment
  • Other
Measurement accuracy
Measurement accuracy
Level 2

Accuracy of electrical measurement
Class 0.5

Temperature range

Use environment
Humidity range
Relative humidity 90%, no condensation

Power supply

Power range

IC card technology
Read the card distance 2 cm, read the card time 2 seconds

Lightning protection measure
Surge protection, signal lightning protection

Cabinet material

Selection specification
Field application display
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