SINOSOSINOSOGate intelligent measurement and control integrated equipment

In general, the gate control in hydraulic engineering is mostly the gate electrical control, gate position detection and automatic control using independent devices, electrical circuit is more complex, information is not matched, daily operation management and maintenance is more difficult.

In view of these situations, SINOSO technology developed COCON GT gate intelligent measurement and control integrated equipment. The device is a kind of intelligent device integrating mechanical, electronic and sensor technology. It has advanced working principle, reliable operation, high detection accuracy, strong anti-interference ability and many other advantages, which provides reliable guarantee for the safe operation of the gate.

COCON GT gate intelligent measurement and control integrated equipment can not only monitor the opening of the gate online, but also control the gate lifting. At the same time, it can also provide comprehensive online protection for the gate lifting motor. COCON GT gate intelligent measurement and control integrated equipment is convenient to install, simple wiring, can simplify the electrical secondary circuit wiring in the process of use, can set a variety of motor protection parameters through the humanized display interface, online display gate lifting motor operation data and gate opening, at the same time can be simple and flexible zero calibration and gate opening setting. It not only provides programmable I/O channel, but also provides standard communication interface, communication interface supports a variety of communication protocols, can be the gate various operating parameters information for remote transmission and accept remote control commands. COCON GT gate intelligent measurement and control integrated equipment has been listed as a key new technology product for promotion by the Ministry of Water Resources.

Software copyright Name: Embedded software V1.0 of SINOSO Gate intelligent measurement and control integrated equipment.

Technical parameter
  • Operating environment condition
  • Gate opening sensor
  • Working power supply
  • Starting control
  • Display operation unit and communication interface
  • Programmable I/O interface
  • Dimension parameter
  • Protection function
Operating environment condition
Installation location
Indoor (outdoor installation needs to be customized)

Maximum ambient temperature

Minimum ambient temperature



Gate opening sensor
Repetition accuracy
±2BIT (Actual accuracy is related to installation accuracy and shaft concentricity)

Allowable speed
2400 RPM (12, 25 bits), 1000 RPM (16, 25 bits)

Blackout preservation
Within 4096 laps absolutely, power outage does not affect position preservation

Contour feature
Clamping flange or synchronous flange, metal case, sealed double bearing construction

Protection class

Working power supply
Three phase four wire system
AC 380V(±15%)


Starting control
Opening and closing motor power

< 10KW, direct start

≧10KW, soft start

Display operation unit and communication interface
Display operation unit and communication interface

Select LCD digital display operating unit, 1 RS485 MODBUS RTU

Industrial LCD tablet computer, 1 TCP/IP Ethernet interface

Two RS485 MODBUS Rtus

Programmable I/O interface
Switching input
12 way, relay isolation, AC 220V

Switching output
6-way, relay isolation, passive contact (10A) output

Analog input
4 channels, 4-20 MA input, all electrical isolation

Analog volume output
2 channels, 4-20mA output, all electrical isolation

Dimension parameter
Equipment dimensions
650mm(width) * 800mm(height) * 270mm(depth)

Installation mode
Wall mounting

Protection function
Quick break protection
COCON GT provides quick-break protection against instantaneous current changes caused by short circuit, etc. The range of quick-break current (10-14) *ln, and the piecework capacity is 70kA.

Overload protection
COCON GT monitors the used heat capacity of the motor. When the heat capacity reaches 100%, overload tripping will be caused. The heat capacity is calculated by selecting an overload curve for l squared t. Current true RMS (RMS) detection ensures a correct response to the effect of harmonics on heating. There are 8 different overload curves to choose from.

Blocking protection
COCON GT monitors the state of the host in real time. In the case of overcurrent caused by the gate mechanical equipment being stuck, when the current exceeds the clogging trip value, the device will issue the tripping command through a certain delay (or immediately).

Phase unbalance protection
COCON GT monitors the percentage of motor phase current unbalance. If the phase current imbalance is greater than 15%, and the duration exceeds the set value will alarm; If the phase current imbalance exceeds 30%, and the duration exceeds a fixed value, it will trip; If the phase imbalance is greater than 60% (missing phase), it will cause immediate tripping.

Low/overvoltage protection
Provide low voltage and overvoltage alarm and tripping function, its fixed value can be set according to the need, this function can be put in or locked according to the need.

Enable accelerated timeout protection
When the main engine starts, if it does not fall below the rated current of the motor within the set time, it will issue the start acceleration timeout alarm and trip. The function can be put in or locked according to the need.

Ground/leakage protection
COCON GT detects zero sequence current in real time to protect the ground/leakage fault of the host.

Contactor failure alarm
The device always monitors the status of the bypass contactor when issuing start and stop commands. Once the contactor does not change its state (split or split), a control loop break or contactor contact welding alarm is generated.

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