GGD low-voltage PDC
GGD low-voltage fixed switchgear is a new type of fixed low-voltage switchgear set developed and widely used in our country. The switch in line with IEC60439 "low-voltage switchgear and control equipment", GB 7251.1 "low-voltage switchgear and control equipment" and other standards.
Product characteristics
Universal cabinet form
The cabinet body of GGD type AC low-voltage switchboard adopts the form of general cabinet. The frame is partially welded and assembled with 8MF cold-formed steel. The frame parts and special supporting parts are supplied by the section steel fixed point manufacturer to ensure the accuracy and quality of the cabinet body
High universal coefficient
The parts of the general cabinet are designed according to the module principle, with a total of 20 mold mounting holes. High general coefficient, can make the factory to achieve production, not only shorten the production cycle, but also improve the work efficiency
Heat dissipation
GGD cabinet design fully takes into account the heat dissipation problem in the operation of the cabinet. There are different number of heat dissipation slots at both ends of the cabinet. When the electrical components in the cabinet are heated, the heat rises and is discharged through the upper slot, and the cold air is constantly supplemented into the cabinet by the lower slot, so that the sealed cabinet forms a natural air duct from bottom to top to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation
Golden ratio
GGD cabinet in accordance with the requirements of modern industrial product modeling design, using the golden ratio method to design the shape of the cabinet and the partition size of each part, so that the overall beautiful and elegant, a new face
Easy to install and disassemble
Cabinet doors are connected to the frame with rotating shaft movable hinges, convenient installation and disassembly. The folding of the door is embedded with a mountain type rubber and plastic strip. When closing the door, the embedded regulations between the door and the framework have a certain compression stroke, which can prevent the door from colliding with the cabinet body directly, and also improve the protection level of the door
Earth protection circuit
Instrument doors with electrical components are connected to the frame with multiple strands of flexible copper wire. The installation parts in the cabinet are connected with the framework by knurled screws to form a complete grounding protection circuit
Comfortable visual environment
Cabinet paint selection polyester orange baking paint, strong adhesion, good texture, the whole cabinet is matte color, avoid glare effect, to create a more comfortable visual environment for the staff on duty
Easy to adjust
The top cover of the cabinet can be removed when needed to facilitate the assembly and adjustment of the main bus line on site. The four corners of the cabinet top are equipped with hanging rings for lifting and loading. The protection IP address of the cabinet is 30. Users can choose between IP address 20 and IP address 40 based on the requirements of the environment
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