GGJ low voltage reactive power compensation cabinet

GGJ low-voltage reactive capacitance compensation device is designed and developed by our company to meet the requirements of the majority of design units and power users. It conforms to the national conditions, has higher technical performance index, can adapt to the development needs of the power market and compete with the existing introduced products. The product has been used by power users.

The device is suitable for distribution system of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, high-rise building and other industries. In large power plants, petrochemical systems and other places with high degree of automation and requiring computer interface, as a three-phase AC frequency of 50 (60) Hz, rated voltage 380V (400V), (660V), rated current 4000A or below, used as a low-voltage power distribution set for reactive power compensation.

This product conforms to GB7251 "Low-voltage Switchgear and control equipment", GB/T15576 "Low-voltage reactive power static compensation device general technical conditions", IEC60439-1 "low-voltage switchgear and control equipment" standards.

Technical parameter
  • Main parameter
Main parameter
Rated voltage (V)

Reactive compensation capacity (kvar)

Rated insulation voltage (V)

Bus bar rated short-time withstand current (kA/1s)
Busbar rated peak withstand current (kA/1s)

Power frequency test voltage
Main circuit :2500V/min; Auxiliary circuit :1750V/min

Bus bar

Protection class

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