MNS low voltage switchboard (low pressure shaft exit switchboard)
MNS low-voltage extraction switchgear, is a kind of standard module assembled by the factory combined low-voltage switchgear, technical standards in line with IEC60439-1 "low-voltage switchgear and control equipment", GB7251.1 "low-voltage switchgear and control equipment" and other standards.
Product characteristics
Compact design
A smaller space can accommodate more functional units
The structure has strong versatility
Flexible assembly, 25mm as the module of the C-profile can meet the requirements of various structural types, protection levels and use environment
Adopt standard module design
They can form the standard units of protection, operation, conversion, control, adjustment, measurement and indicator light. Users can choose and assemble according to their needs. More than 200 kinds of assembly parts can form the cabinet structure and drawer unit of different schemes
A large number of high strength flame retardant engineering plastic components, effectively strengthen the safety of the protection unit
High technical performance
The main parameters reach the contemporary international technical level
Compressed field
The high degree of trialization can greatly compress the storage and transportation of prefabricated parts
Easy to assemble
No special complex tools are required
Technical parameter
  • Main parameter
Main parameter
Rated insulation voltage

Rated operating voltage

Maximum working current of main bus

Short-time withstand current of main bus (1S)
100kA(Eff, Value)

Short time peak current of main bus

Maximum working current of vertical bus (distribution bus)

Vertical bus (distribution bus) short-term peak current
90kA for standard model, 130kA for enhanced model

Protection class

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