SINOSO IPSD pest detection and reporting system
SINOSO IPSD insect situation monitoring and reporting system is an unattended intelligent agricultural solution that integrates insect capture, image acquisition and transmission, and cloud management. It can collect real-time images of insect situation continuously and accurately all day long, transmit them to the cloud platform, connect with the expert system, and comprehensively and intuitively present the status and changes of agricultural insect pests in each monitoring station. To realize the real-time on-line monitoring of regional agricultural pest situation stably, accurately and reliably. IPSD insect situation detection and reporting system is widely used in agriculture, forestry, customs, horticulture, scientific research institutions and other fields of insect and insect situation detection and reporting.
Product characteristics
High stability
The fatality rate of insect body and the integrity rate of insect body were not less than 98% after far infrared treatment
Separation of insect and rain
Automatic rain control technology can effectively separate insects from rainwater
Trapping and cleaning
Insect collector for vibration + cleaning structure, to ensure that each time period of trapping insects are not confused
Intelligent insect body recognition. The pictures are sent to the software platform wirelessly. The platform can record the data and pictures collected in each period
Remote control
Through the platform, you can remotely control the setting of working hours and control switches. Each device can display the distributed location on the map through the GPS positioning system, which is convenient for users to view and has the anti-theft function
Internet of things system
The Internet of Things cloud platform integrates various industry solutions based on integrated data acquisition, remote control, data analysis, early warning release, as one of the Internet of Things system
Technical parameter
  • Basic parameter
  • Working environment
  • Other
Basic parameter
Insect light source
20W Black light tube (main wavelength 365nm)

Temperature of the body handling chamber
The temperature can reach 85% after 15 minutes of operation

Tube startup time

Insulation resistance
≥2.5MΩ(leakage protection)

Control mode
Light control, rain control, time control

500W pixel

Working environment
Operating temperature

Working humidity
0~85% relative humidity, no condensation

Power supply system
22VAC solar powered

Communication system

Case material
Adopt steel structure and electrostatic powder spraying

Selection specification
Field application display
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