SINOSO RBS-LoRa wireless base station
SINOSO RBS-LoRa wireless Gateway is an outdoor industrial-grade LoRa base station product designed and developed for low-power Internet of Things applications. It uses an SX1301 solution with eight physical receiving channels and one transmitting channel, and has a large receiving capacity. RX channel has high receiving sensitivity of -142dBm, high transmitting power of 22dBm, and long communication distance. Industrial high-speed 4G wireless communication module realizes LoRa and TCP/IP protocol conversion, which can meet the complex and low-power networking requirements of the Internet of Things in industrial and agricultural fields.
Product characteristics
SINOSO devices are fully compatible
Support a variety of terminal devices, compatible with all SINOSO series intelligent terminal products
Remote control
Up to 240 terminal node codes can be added
Active upload
The terminal data can be read regularly and uploaded actively, reducing the pressure on the server, and the upload cycle can be modified
Effective communication distance of 2km
The effective communication distance in open areas is greater than 2km
Signal anti-jamming
Different communication frequencies can be set to avoid signal interference between two adjacent gateways
Multi-communication mode
Supports 4G, RS485, and GPRST communication modes
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