Intelligent orchard plant protection machine
Intelligent orchard plant protection machine is a multifunctional intelligent agricultural equipment for orchard operation. Body with pressure type dosing function, can reduce pesticide dosage. And with unmanned, automatic operation, positioning and navigation, path planning, remote monitoring, low fuel, low dose alarm or automatic return, manual remote control driving, etc.. Track chassis, adapt to different terrain; Extended range power system, greatly reduce fuel consumption, reduce operating costs; Swinging sprinkler, the back of the blade spray evenly without leakage; By adding different machines and tools, it can realize a variety of uses, such as blowing medicine, ditching, weeding, hauling and so on.

All-terrain operation

Unmanned driving

Multiple expansion

Oil-electric mixing

Product characteristics
Automatic driving
Driverless and autonomous operation function can greatly reduce the use of labor resources and improve working efficiency.
Path planning
According to the actual application situation, planning unmanned driving and autonomous operating routes.
Remote monitoring
It can know the working state of the machine and the environment in front of it in real time. At the same time, it has the alarm function of the fuselage and remote control, so as to reduce the misjudgment, improve the working efficiency and reduce the manual intensity.
Dosage setting
According to the actual situation, free choice of mu of drug quantity, in the case of ensuring efficacy, reasonable planning of the total amount of drug dispensing, eliminate waste, reduce the cost of pesticides.
Manual remote control
Unmanned driving takes into account conventional manual remote control operation, a variety of remote control operation forms.
Uniform spray
For different crops, the size of droplets was changed by changing the model of spray sheet. It can also increase the air-sent spray to realize the secondary atomization of liquid medicine, and cover the liquid medicine more evenly on the back and surface of the leaf.
Strong penetration
High pressure spray, the pressure can be manually adjusted, for thick canopy fruit trees, from leaf shifting to refraction, and finally form rebound, spray effect is better.
Under the condition of sufficient fuel and operating supplies, the unmanned vehicle can realize the continuous operation of the machine for 24 hours.
Strong climbing force
Maximum full load climbing slope up to 60 degrees, adapt to more operating environment.
Ultra-low fuel consumption
Average fuel consumption is low to about 0.2 yuan acres, ultra-low use cost.
Technical parameter
  • Technical parameter
Technical parameter
Model number

Drug load (L)

Overall power of the whole machine (HP)

Machine weight (kg)

Overall dimension (mm)

Chassis height (mm)

Maximum full load operating speed (km/h)

Maximum load climbing

Medicine pump (PCS)

Drug pump pressure (MPa)

Maximum flow rate (L/min)

Single jet amplitude (m)

Number of nozzles (PCS)

Nozzle swing
The left and right nozzles can swing simultaneously or unilaterally

Automatic course accuracy

Remote control range (km)
≤5 (no shelter)

Liquid level alarm
Low oil, low dose alarm

Operation efficiency (mu /8h)
720 (Theory)

* Theoretical environmental test values, actual parameters subject to the product

Extended function

Field application display
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