SINOSO IEM integrated intelligent electric valve
SINOSO IEM integrated intelligent electric valve is a new type of multi-functional intelligent irrigation control valve, wherein DN32 has integrated flow measurement function, which can be used for irrigation water control and metering. Based on the ultra-low power consumption design, the system is powered by a combination of lithium batteries and solar energy, without the need for an external power supply. Using LoRa wireless communication mode, remote control can be achieved through mobile APP/ cloud platform. The LCD display and touch button can be used to set parameters, view status and control the on-off valve. SINOSO IEM integrated intelligent electric valve body volume small, strong function, reliable performance, is widely used in a variety of efficient water-saving irrigation systems, water and fertilizer integration systems.
Product characteristics
Ration feed water
With flow metering function, irrigation flow measurement and control integration, can achieve quantitative water irrigation
Super long endurance
Built-in lithium battery and solar charging module, no external wiring
Touch screen control
LCD liquid crystal display and touch button control, real-time display of flow, power, openness and other status information, support on-site manual control
Wireless communication
LoRa wireless communication mode, can realize wireless communication networking, support cloud platform or mobile APP remote control
Fault alarm
It has the function of fault diagnosis and alarm such as overload and gridlock
Protection level IP67

System adopts alloy material fully sealed design, protection class IP67

Technical parameter
  • Basic parameter
  • Flow detection
  • Environmental conditions
  • Other
Basic parameter
Nominal pressure
PN10/ PN16

It is also known as Tongsutra

Valve body structure
Ball valve

Connection form


Flow detection
Initial velocity

Detection accuracy
Level 2.5

Environmental conditions
Applicable medium
Water and oil

Applicable temperature

Communication mode

Action time
DN32 and below :≤15s; DN40 and above

Power supply mode
Indoor: lithium sub battery, outdoor: lithium battery and solar charging system

Endurance time
≥3 years

Protection class


Selection specification
Field application display
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