SINOSO ISG integrated intelligent gate
SINOSO ISG integrated Intelligent gate is an intelligent control gate based on the Internet of Things technology, with its own solar power system, which can run for a long time. Through the remote management platform and mobile APP control, unmanned precision control can be achieved. It is the infrastructure of agricultural irrigation system. It is mainly used as the sluice gate of the irrigation system, the farm sluice gate and the field drain gate.
Product characteristics
Remote control
With remote control function, platform scheduling control. Users can also check the status of the gate and remotely control the opening and closing of the gate through small programs or apps on their mobile phones
Continuous power supply
With its own clean energy, high power solar panels can continuously charge the built-in carp battery, ensuring the gate can run for a long time
Strong material
SMC and alloy material design are used. It has the characteristics of high strength, light weight and strong corrosion resistance
Custom size
Integrated structure standard design, can also be customized according to the size of the ditch, wide range of application, easy to install
Fault alarm
It has the protection function of over current plugging, running time out, low power limit and so on. It can be operated by touch mode, or operated by hand wheel
Technical parameter
  • Technical parameter
Technical parameter
Product model

Specification and size
230*230, other sizes can be customized

Power supply mode
Own battery + solar power supply system

Communication mode

Control mode
Mobile terminal (APP) \ local manual \ Emergency rocker

Working environment
Temperature :0°C to 65°C Relative humidity :≤90%RHs

SMC+ alloy

Outlet size

Selection specification
Field application display
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