SINOSO SFM integrated ultrasonic flowmeter

Pipeline flowmeter is developed based on ultrasonic measurement of propagation velocity difference method. The flowmeter integrates measurement, calculation, display and communication. It adopts micro power consumption technology, without external power supply, and can realize the accurate measurement of pipeline flow.

Product characteristics
High stability
Small size, high stability, strong anti-interference ability. High precision, precision 1.5 level
Long life
No mechanical moving parts, no wear, no pressure loss, long service life
Accurate measurement
Low initial flow rate can achieve accurate flow measurement (software filtering)
Remote meter reading
Support a variety of loRa/4G communication transmission; It can realize remote meter reading and facilitate centralized management of users
Low power design
Low power consumption design, no external power supply
Easy installation
Multi-angle installation, measuring accuracy is not affected, convenient field use
Technical parameter
  • Technical parameter
Technical parameter
Pressure range

Nominal diameter

Measurement accuracy
Level 1.5

Velocity range

Measured medium
Water (full pipe)

Operating ambient temperature

Communication mode

Installation mode
Horizontal or vertical, flange connection

Power supply
Built-in battery + solar power supply system

Alloy/stainless steel

Selection specification
Field application display
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