SINOSO MLL Intelligent laser water level gauge

SINOSO MLL intelligent laser water level meter is a non-contact water level monitoring instrument, with high accuracy, fast speed, wide range, not affected by environmental factors and other characteristics, can be applied to a variety of complex environment water level precision measurement. Built-in carp battery and wireless communication module, can check water level information through mobile APP, PC terminal, can run for more than 3 years. SINOSO MLL intelligent laser water level meter is suitable for water level monitoring of lakes, river channels, reservoirs, pits, open channels, waterlogging roads, etc.

SINOSO MLL intelligent laser water level gauge was awarded the Advanced Practical Technology Promotion Certificate by the Ministry of Water Resources.

Product characteristics
Accurate measurement
Wide measuring range, high accuracy, measuring range :0~30m, error ±2mm
Equipment maintenance free
Alloy material fully closed structure, no mechanical parts, can adapt to all kinds of harsh environment, equipment maintenance free
Real-time data
Wireless transmission, platform or mobile APP real-time query data
Touch control
High integration, with touch buttons and LCD display, built-in large capacity lithium battery and solar charging system
Easy to install
Easy to install, compact structure
Anti-fog survey
With anti - fog film, prevent the laser emitting surface fog affect the measurement accuracy
Technical parameter
  • Basic parameter
  • Environmental conditions
  • Install
  • Other
Basic parameter

Measurement accuracy

Display resolution

Measuring blind area


Environmental conditions
Operating temperature

Measuring tube diameter

Logging pipe material
Galvanized steel pipe, PVC, etc

Installation mode
Vertical mounting

Reflecting medium
Reflecting medium

Communication mode
LoRa/GPRS/NB-IOT Optional

Power supply mode
Built-in lithium battery

Endurance time
≥3 years

Protection class

Selection specification
Field application display
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