SINOSO MLR Intelligent field Water level gauge
SINOSO MLR intelligent field water level meter is mainly used for field water level measurement based on the principle of laser measurement. MLR intelligent field water level meter adopts integrated structure design, simple installation, no special water level logging. Composed of internal and external double-layer filter tube, can prevent field insects, straw and other debris from entering, affecting the measurement accuracy. The core parts of the instrument are fully enclosed design, stable and reliable operation. SINOSO MLR intelligent field water level gauge has applied for a national invention patent.
Product characteristics
Integrated design
Integrated design, easy installation, no need to build water level logging
Wireless transmission
Wireless transmission, can realize the cloud platform or mobile APP real-time query data
Protection function
Unique protection function to prevent non-professional personnel at will disassembly
Specification and size
Waterproof and moisture-proof design, the whole machine protection grade IP67
Technical parameter
  • Basic parameter
  • Environmental conditions
  • Install
  • Other
Basic parameter

Measurement accuracy

Display resolution


Environmental conditions
Operating temperature

Installation mode
Install vertically

Maximum outside diameter

Communication mode
LoRa/GPRS/NB-loT Optional

Power supply mode
Built-in lithium battery + solar power supply system

Endurance time
≥3 years

Protection class

Selection specification
Field application display
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