SINOSO ISM intelligent soil moisture tester
SINOSO ISM intelligent soil wall detector is a soil water content detector based on the advanced frequency domain reflection (FDR) measurement principle. It can dynamically detect soil water content and temperature at different depths at the same time, with fast measurement speed and high accuracy. The ISM intelligent soil wall indicator uses a high-performance micropower processor, built-in lithium battery and wireless communication module, and requires no external wiring. It is mainly suitable for soil moisture monitoring such as agricultural production and geological disaster.
Product characteristics
Multilayer measurement
Multi-layer measurement can simultaneously measure soil water content and soil temperature at different depths
Protection level IP68
Completely sealed, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, waterproof and moisture-proof, the protection level of the whole machine is IP68
Automatic sleep
Automatic sleep, in non-agricultural production season can be automatic sleep, remote wake up to save energy consumption
Remote query
Wireless transmission, can realize the cloud platform or mobile APP real-time query data
Low power design
High measuring accuracy, fast response, good stability, little influence by soil quality, suitable for all kinds of soil quality
Anti-demolition function
Unique anti-demolition function to prevent non-professional personnel damage at will
Super long endurance

The combination of lithium battery and solar power supply can run continuously for a long time

Technical parameter
  • Soil moisture
  • Soil temperature
  • Appearance structure
  • Other
Soil moisture
Measuring range

Measurement accuracy
Humidity :±3%

Soil temperature
Measuring range

Measurement accuracy

Appearance structure
Structural form
Integrated tube (column)

Protective housing
Alloy +PVC

Overall dimension
Outer diameter :63mm, length :500mm+ layers *100mm

Distance between measuring points

Number of test points
1-5 layers

Communication mode

Power supply mode
Built-in lithium battery and solar power

Protection class
Below ground :IP68, above ground :IP67

Selection specification
Field application display
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